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Fundraising — helping our ministry thrive financially

Keeping the FUN in fundraising: When our congregants (and families and friends) get together to put on fundraising events, the end result is not only income to fund our ministry. Yes, that’s an important part, but so many other great things happen, too.

Our fundraisers are a chance for us to serve together and get to know one another better. These are times when lots of people step up and offer their gifts of time and talent, and the end results are fun and rewarding collaborations which remind us why we have chosen to engage in our great faith community.

For general information about fundraising, including ideas for possible new fundraisers, contact the co-chairs of the Program Council.

Harvest Craft Fair

For almost 110 years, First Parish of Sudbury has hosted the Harvest Craft Fair, a favorite annual event for the greater Sudbury community as well as our members.

The Craft Fair is a juried event, ensuring variety and quality of the crafts for sale. Two co-chairs of the fair begin soliciting applications in the spring. The applications are reviewed to ensure the quality of the crafts as well as the diversity of the items for sale. On Fair Day, the first floor of the meetinghouse, the parking lot, and the front lawn are filled with wonderful items for sale.

In addition, our parishioners make wonderful soups and bread for lunch, as well as jellies, jams and baked goods for sale. These items are always a favorite and always sell out.


There are five co-chairs of the fair. Two deal with the crafters, soliciting applications, selecting the applicants, and generally helping the crafters during the day of the fair. Two co-chairs deal with the First Parish facility, organizing FPS volunteers, and preparing our buildings and grounds for the fair. One co-chair coordinates the kitchen for the lunch.

Volunteers are needed in advance to make jams and jellies to be sold, soups and breads for the lunch, and baked goods to be sold. On the evening before and the day of the fair, there are lots of opportunities to work a shift at the entrance, selling food, kitchen help, staffing the sale tables, and cleanup.

To learn more about being involved in other ways, watch for information in the early fall issues of The Connector. A couple of months before the Harvest Craft Fair, there will be signup sheets on Sundays (and on the website).

For information Contact Co-chairs


Fourth of July Grill

Each year the Town of Sudbury sponsors a Fourth of July parade, which ends, conveniently, right at the FPS intersection. Our lawn is THE place to be to watch the parade, and our Fourth of July Grill is THE place to buy lunch and get cold drinks. And, not just any lunch—we sell hamburgers, hotdogs, sausages, and tofu pups. There are plenty of cold drinks, watermelon and some snacks. Often there is an FPS bake sale in conjunction with the grill.

Folks are needed for food prep, cooking, sales,
and cleanup.

For more information, contact Grill co-chairs


Holly Fair

Our Holly Fair ushers in the holiday season for many in our local area. This fair is held on the same Saturday in early December as two other holiday events in Sudbury’s town center.

Unlike the Harvest Craft Fair, there are no outside vendors selling goods. Many of the crafts are priced for purchase by children, such as ornaments and other small winter decorations. A main focus of the Holly Fair is the sale of greens arrangements and wreaths, all proceeds benefitting FPS. There is also a “gifts again” table with good quality second-hand items.

And, like the Harvest Craft Fair, we sell a soup and bread lunch, as well as baked goods throughout the day.


“Team Holly Fair” is made up of people who take on one aspect of the Holly Fair—the kitchen, the greens, the baked goods, etc. If you would like to be a leader or co-leader with someone experienced, you will be very welcome. During the fall, watch The Connector and our website for notice of workshops happening to create crafts to be sold at the fair. On the day before the fair, there will be a Greens Workshop to make up the arrangements to be sold.

Signup will take place in advance for setter-uppers, soup cooks, bread bakers, people to staff tables, and cleaner-uppers.

One new Holly Fair volunteer noted: “I decided to arrange greens for the Holly Fair last year. It was a blast! Not only did I learn how to do it, but the camaraderie and fun were terrific. And those wonderful piney smells!”

For more information, contact Holly Fair team leader


First Parish Service Auction

For the past several years, in late winter or early spring, we have held an auction at FPS, featuring a silent and live auction. The items up for bid come from our congregants and from donated items from local area businesses.

These include “services” such as dinner parties, vacation properties, guided hikes, pet-sitting, airport rides, and computer lessons. Items include original artwork, jewelry, baskets of goodies, and those one-of-a-kind treasures (e.g. a 3 foot tall teddy bear!)

The evening is catered by the Wayside Inn and Sudbury Farms and is the congregation’s most festive social gathering.

The organizers of the auction need to have everyone’s help in donating goods and services, soliciting donations and collecting needed information for the auction booklet.

And on the day and evening of the auction, help is needed setting up, serving food and drinks, selling tickets, keeping track of bidding, “cashing out”, cleaning up, and more.

A couple of months before the auction, there will be signup sheets on Sundays (and on the website) as well as information in The Connector.

For more information, contact Auction co-chairs


New Fundraisers — Good Ideas Becoming Realities

New fundraising ideas are always welcome, and new energy is always welcome and needed for any fundraiser to succeed. What ideas do you have for First Parish to raise money to fund our ministry? Don’t keep those good ideas to yourself!