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What to Expect

We hope you will visit First Parish of Sudbury for worship next Sunday morning.  If you’re new to First Parish or to Unitarian Universalistm, we realize that you may not know what to expect.  To let you know what happens after you arrive, we’ve outlined your next steps, so you can see how easy it is.


Reserved accessible parking spaces are available. All First Parish facilities are accessible for wheel chair users. This includes all bathrooms and an elevator to all floors. Large print orders of service and hymnals are available. An assistive listening system with headsets is available in the sanctuary. There is a loudspeaker system in the sanctuary and parish hall used during worship services and meetings.


Parking and Entering

First you’ll need a parking place.  There are some spots reserved for visitors in the meetinghouse parking lot, but if you are not an early bird and find that parking lot full, use the large parking lot across the street behind the Grange and the Town Hall. Take care crossing the busy intersection, and enter the meetinghouse through the door by the parking lot.

Meet the Greeters

Stop and say hello to the Greeters in the foyer. They will invite you to sign the Visitors book, and give you a temporary nametag. The greeters can also direct you to more information such as: a Welcome card that explains what will happen during the worship service or a visitor’s packet. Recent sermons and many informative pamphlets can be found in the nearby racks. Just ask a greeter to point these out to you.

Children’s Religious Exploration

Directions for Children’s Religious Exploration (R.E.) and children’s activities are posted on the easel in the lobby and the greeter will be happy to explain the day’s activities you and also make introductions.

The Sanctuary

Sit anywhere in the sanctuary upstairs for the worship service (which lasts about one hour). If you have young children and they (or you) are not yet ready to send them off with the other children, you are most welcome to have them with you in the sanctuary during the worship service. If infants or toddlers are fussy, you may walk around the rear of the sanctuary or adjourn to the Parish Hall immediately beneath the sanctuary where your child can play or rest and you can still listen to the service. If you wish, you may rejoin the worship service in the sanctuary at any time.

Social Hour

After the worship service, follow the crowd downstairs into the Parish Hall for refreshments and conversation.  We hope you’ll stop by the Welcome table to ask any questions you may have. We look forward to meeting you and getting to know you. We encourage you to give us your contact information, so you can receive our newsletter and we can be in touch with you.

With a special visitor’s mug in hand, we expect you will meet many people.  If you would like more information or would like to meet a specific person, just ask.

After the Service

You can visit one of the children’s groups with your child or enroll your children in Religious Exploration (R.E.) at any time. You can pick up a  registration form in your child’s class or, for more information, contact Roberta Altamari, the Director of Religious Exploration and Youth Ministry.

Check out the Weekly Calendar (inserted into the worship program which an usher will hand to you as you enter the sanctuary). For details about other social events and activities take a look at the postings on our bulletin boards in the Parish Hall.

Our minister, Rev. Marjorie Matty, will be glad to meet with you to answer any questions you may have, or just to get to know you better. Meeting with our minister is a great way to discover how your interests and gifts can find a home at First Parish of Sudbury.

Dress is Casual

And, by the way, there is no need to get “dressed up” when you come.  Dress is casual.