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Director of Religious Exploration Job Description


The Director of Religious Education (DRE) coordinates religious growth and learning for nursery aged to 12th grade youth in collaboration with the Minister and Religious Education Committee.


  • With the minister, plans and leads multigenerational worship
  • With the RE Committee, facilitates creative age appropriate learning for children, families and youth, including selection of curricula
  • Develops processes for welcoming and integrating new families at First Parish
  • Recruits, trains and supports RE volunteers
  • Plans and oversees Coming-of-Age and Our Whole Lives programs, when there are sufficient numbers of young people, or teaming with another congregation
  • Maintains registration, attendance records, and other necessary administrative documents.
  • Communicates RE goals, activities and concerns to the congregation through the newsletter and website
  • Approximately one quarter of the DRE’s energy and time is dedicated to serving as advisor to the high school youth group.
  • The DRE attends to professional self-development, using resources from the district, LREDA, Starr Island, Ferry Beach or other appropriate agencies

Knowledge/Experience/Skills/Abilities Desired:

  • Communicates well with children and youth
  • Engages people positively, with a demeanor of optimism and abundance.
  • Commitment to providing programming accessible to children with a variety of learning styles and abilities
  • Spiritual Maturity: Has a commitment to spiritual journey
  • Interpersonal Skills: Demonstrates the ability to lead, encourage and motivate others Demonstrates the skills of active listening and openly accepts feedback.
  • Productively engages and manages interpersonal conflict
  • Works independently
  • Holds others accountable in a spirit of love
  • Excellent writing and speaking skills
  • Demonstrated ability to keep confidences and know when and to whom to make referrals

Minimum requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree, preferably in a field related to education, religion, child development or human services
  • Experience in education, teaching, children and youth services, and/or religious education
  • Knowledge of UU faith, history, and fluency with curricula and other religious education resources

Hours and Compensation

The DRE is a 20 hr per week, 10-month position with approximately one quarter of its hours dedicated to work as Youth Advisor. Hours will vary and will require flexibility for some evening meetings and service trips, etc. This position, at 20 hours will be eligible for health insurance, with FPS paying 40% of individual premium in a designated UUA plan. If the person does not select health coverage, they will be eligible for 100% paid dental premium through UUA plan. There will be 5 days of paid vacation plus 4 paid Sundays off per year for the half time position. First Parish of Sudbury strives to compensate all employees at UUA recommended Fair Compensation standards and offers a Short-Term Disability Coverage plan for all staff. Annual salary along with allocations for professional expenses and other details of compensation will be confirmed in written form by the FPS Board at the beginning of each fiscal year. After completing 1,000 hours of work, they are eligible for 10% retirement contribution.


Supervised and evaluated by minister with regular written reports to FPS Board. The minister is responsible for the ongoing supervision of paid staff and annual performance evaluations based on each employee’s job description. As supervisor, the minister works with each employee to set goals and review progress toward meeting objectives.