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Easter Sunday

Rev. Katie Lee Crane. What better way to celebrate Easter than to celebrate life! Our worship service will begin with the dedication of Audrey Orcheski, daughter of Ben Orcheski and Mary McLaughlin and granddaughter of longtime FPS member, Leslie Bryant. Noting the coincidence of timing, Rev. Katie Lee Crane, our Minister Emerita, will explore the ancient rites of spring that evolved into the festival we call “Easter,” and conclude with a meditation on how the prophet Jesus might respond to the complexities of our world today.
Rev. Katie Lee is Minister Emerita at First Parish of Sudbury, having served from 1998 to 2010. Now retired from active ministry — she says she really likes being a person in the pews! — she is thrilled to be with you again to celebrate this joyous day.
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Sunday Service Mr. Jan Hardenbergh

Image result for jan hardenberghMr. Jan Hardenbergh speaking on “How First Parish Became Unitarian”.

In 1959, our minister Carl Scovel wrote a very well researched sermon about how and why First Parish became Unitarian, including the story of locking our minister out of the service in 1837. This look back at a pivotal moment in our congregation’s history can help us understand who we are today.

Jan Hardenbergh and his wife Gail have been a member of the congregation for 32 years. His day job is medical imaging and his hobbies are studying history and consciousness.

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It Might Have Been Otherwise: Spiritual Gratitude

Rev. Edwin Lynn

Rev. Lynn will reflect in his sermon on a personal near death experience, after which he asks “what did I learn?”

Edwin Lynn is the Minister Emeritus of the Northshore Unitarian Universalist Church in Danvers MA , where he served for 33 years.  Rev. Lynn also was a visiting Lecturer at the Harvard Divinity School for 22 years. He is an architect and author of the book TIRED DRAGONS: Adapting Church Architecture to Changing Needs. His most recent book is SHORE LINES: LIFE Lessons From the Sea.

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Sunday Service “A Moral Divide”

Ms. Kimberly French will preach her sermon “A Moral Divide.”

She writes “We live in divided times. Our Principles ask us to accept others and
their beliefs. But our moral selves sometimes demand that we take
strong stands. How can we be true to both of these callings?”

Kimberly French is a journalist and essayist based in Middleborough,
Massachusetts. She leads a grass-roots climate-justice group called Sustainable
Middleborough and chairs the Community Preservation Committee in her

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Sea Change: What can we learn from the 1960s?

We welcome the Rev. Dr. Dorothy Emerson to our pulpit. She writes that “the 1960s introduced many cultural changes that still influence us today, as we continue to struggle with issues of freedom, equality, peace, and love. What can we learn from this era about the challenges of creating a culture based on Unitarian Universalist values and principles?”

The Rev. Dr. Dorothy May Emerson is a semi-retired Unitarian Universalist minister, who has served both in the parish and community. Her recent ministry includes coordinating the UU Rainbow History Project, to document how UUs became welcoming to LGBTQ folks and co-founding of UU Class Conversations, to inspire UU congregations to become more class-inclusive and diverse. Her memoir, Sea Change: the unfinished agenda of the 1960s, will be available for purchase after the service. Her previous books include: Called to Community: New Directions in UU Ministry; Standing Before Us: Unitarian Universalist Women and Social Reform 1776-1936; and the curriculum Becoming Women of Wisdom: Marking the Passage into the Crone Years.


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Matt Meyer “Lessons for Future Ancestors”

10:00am Mr. Matt Meyer returns to our pulpit for service and music called “Lessons for Future Ancestors” – Join us for a reflection of heavy suitcases, surprise turning points, and attending to the complexity of our times with love and resilience.

Matt is a sought-after speaker wherever Unitarian Universalists gather to deepen their worship and explore their faith. He has lead worship for convocations at several seminaries and has been a worship leader and workshop presenter for national gatherings of LREDA, UUMN, UUMA and the last twelve general assemblies of the UUA. Matt also serves as the Director of Operations for Sanctuary Boston, a community of vibrant worship and real connection.

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