Worship Services

Sunday, March 28 – Going Beyond

In the Christian calendar, this is a holy week filled with joy, suffering, and elation what do these stories offer non-Christian Unitarian Universalists? Can we engage, with the help of our own stories and rituals, to this week that contains Palm Sunday, suffering and...

Sunday, February 28 – Mercy

What is mercy and how is it offered? Mercy being the theme of the month, Dr. Matty will delve deeply into the tenants and concepts of the act of offering Mercy and what it takes for humankind to develop the skills in order to offer such a gift. Join Rev. Marjorie and...

Sunday, February 14 – What’s Love Got To Do With It

Join us on Valentine’s Day, a day that is all about love. We will look at the ways that love can make us soar to great heights or, at times, bring us low. What is the essence of love? Is it tangible and motivating, or is it, as Tina Turner sang, “a second-hand emotion?” Join Rev. Dr. Marjorie Matty and the congregation of the First Parish of Sudbury as we celebrate and reflect on the construct and conundrum of love.

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Sunday, February 7 – Reflections on Nature

Rev. Marjorie Matty will be away from the pulpit this weekend. This Sunday, WAG will present reflections on Nature, particularly its ability to soothe our souls, keep us healthy, and act as an agent of hope. Various members of the congregation will give readings, poems, or personal reflections, followed by a period for much-welcomed comments and reflections by the congregation at large. Please spend some time between now and February 7th contemplating this beautiful gift given to us all.

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