Jenna Kyes Appointed Director of Religious Exploration

First Parish is pleased to announce that Jenna Kyes has been appointed to the position of Director of Religious Exploration for the congregation. Religious Exploration at First Parish nurtures the spiritual growth of children and youth from infancy through high school, supporting them as they build a loving community, explore world religions and faith traditions, seek truth and meaning, and work together to make positive change in the world. “I love helping children learn, and I am committed to the Unitarian Universalist mission,” says Jenna. “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to support the faith development of the children and youth in First Parish’s Religious Exploration!”

Insights: The Anatomy of Gratitude

by David Steindl-Rast The reason I use the words “gratitude,” “gratefulness,” and “thanksgiving” in the way I use them is because we really need different terms for our experience. Moments of gratitude well up in our hearts , first, filling up within us, filling us...