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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the governing body of First Parish of Sudbury. The board members are nominated by the Nominating Committee and elected at the annual congregational meeting.

Members of the Board:

  • attend monthly meetings to develop, review and authorize policies.
  • work on project or policy development as individuals or sub-committees of the board
  • act as liaisons or conveners to First Parish committees (Program Council, Finance, Nominating and Committee on Ministry)
  • approve all major contracts
  • approve the annual operating budget, and develop and publish the warrant for Annual Congregational Meeting
  • provide security check of the First Parish building during the summer on a rotating basis.

Board members would like you to know:

“One of the great benefits of being a trustee is being able to see all the activities and things that go on to make the congregation such a vibrant community, and to meet all the wonderful people who care and give so much to make it so.”

“For me, the best part of being a trustee is witnessing first hand all of the heart that so many great people pour into FPS. It fills me with optimism.”

Meetings: Monthly; Currently the Board meets on the first Wednesday evening of each month, September through June, plus a few extra meetings during the budgeting season.

Requirement and Commitment to Participate: Nominees must be official members of the congregation. A trustee typically serves for a three-year term.

Roles: Member, chair, clerk (an officer of FPS who attends board meetings)


For information contact one of the current trustees or the office.