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Conscious Eaters present “Fish on my Plate” film Thursday 2/21 at 7pm

Join the Conscious Eating Group for a film in the Brackett Room at 7pm tomorrow night.

Journalist and author Paul Greenberg (Four Fish; American Catch) spends a year eating only fish. From farmed fish in Norway to the biggest wild fishery in the world off Peru, he travels to investigate the health of the ocean – as well as his own.


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New Information about the Auction-get tickets in advance and $ave

Still Time to Donate to the Spring Auction!

Some of the best items are those donated by First Parish members and friends! Wondering what to donate this year? The possibilities are endless: pool parties, cookouts, and dinners are always a hit and they keep the fun going throughout the year. Maybe you’d like to host a brunch or dinner….or perhaps a Super Bowl party next February (Go Pats!). And don’t forget to ask some of your favorite merchants to donate a gift certificate.  Submit your donation online by March 16. Auction Donation Form.

Do you have some things you can’t seem to get done? Consider a “reverse auction item”. You describe the service (leaf raking, computer support, organizing) and how much you are willing to “pay”. Someone willing and able to do the work will volunteer and you “buy” the item for the amount you specified by donating that amount to First Parish. Start crossing items off your to-do list with a reverse auction item. Submit online by March 16th. Reverse Auction Form

What Else Is Important To Know?

The evening will begin at 6:00 with appetizers, wine, beer, and soft drinks while we peruse and bid on silent auction items. A buffet supper will be served and then we’ll move into the lively verbal auction!

There will be childcare with pizza and a program for the kids. RSVP by April 1st for childcare.

**Pay your admission of $15 in advance of the Spring Auction on Sundays in March during Social Hour.  You’ll receive dinner, drinks, dessert and a bidding number. Admission at the door is $20 so sign up early.  There is no admission charge for children.  What a great deal!**

Any questions, please email us at

See you at the Auction!

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Rev. Fred Small preaching Sunday, Feb. 17

We welcome Rev. Fred Small to our pulpit.

“Praise Be the Flood”  Scientists predict that climate change will have dire consequences for humanity and the planet we inhabit.  Can global warming move us to change course and build a new society grounded in justice, equity, and compassion?

A Unitarian Universalist pastor, environmental activist, singer-songwriter, and former environmental lawyer, Rev. Fred Small is Minister for Climate Justice at Arlington Street Church, Boston. Cited by Bill McKibben as “one of the key figures in the religious environmental surge,” Fred left parish ministry in 2015 to devote his energies to climate advocacy.


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A Change to the “Say Their Names” observances in our February worship services

The past two Sundays, First Parish has participated in the Say Their Names project to honor the memory of those whose lives were taken by horrific hate crimes.  We acknowledge that this is important for First Parish to do, however, we have decided that while our settled minister is on sabbatical, we are going to change the way we present the names and we will no longer include the graphic details of their suffering. This will still allow us to hold those names in memory in our sacred space.

Should you feel that you need to leave the sanctuary while we read the names, we respect that decision and will now allow a few moments for that.  We welcome you to rejoin us afterwards for the remainder of the service.

Rev. Debra Morris-Bennett on behalf of the Worship Associates


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Sharing the Plate with America’s Black Holocaust Museum

On February 17 we will share our collection with America’s Black Holocaust Museum (ABHM). Founded by Dr. James Cameron in 1984 in Milwaukee, ABHM builds public awareness of the harmful legacies of slavery in America and promotes racial repair and healing through four themes: remembrance, resistance, redemption, and reconciliation.

During the month of February, philanthropist Chris Abele – a Concord MA native – has pledged to match every dollar donated to ABHM. Your contribution will help even more!


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