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Our Faith

Unitarian Universalism is a faith that embraces people varied of beliefs and backgrounds.  At First Parish of Sudbury, you will encounter Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Humanists, Taoists, Pagans, and people who resist categorizing but who appreciate the freedom to seek their own answers in a setting that not only tolerates differences of opinion but celebrates religious diversity.


Yet despite our variety, there is much we share.  Moments of wonder, gratitude and compassion.  A need to belong and feel connected to something larger than ourselves.  The desire to make a difference in the world.  These commonalities unite us with all people everywhere, and draw us into community with one another: to cultivate inner peace, moral clarity and the resolve to live meaningful lives in a society that can often feel cynical and de-humanizing.

Unitarian Universalists believe that each person is on a unique journey and that while we all ask the same existential questions (for example, Why do bad things happen? and Where do we find strength and comfort in the face of loss?) our answers naturally differ.  So we have no single creed, nor any final authority that tells us what to think. We are a people more comfortable with ambiguity than with absolutes, relying on goodwill and tolerance rather than doctrinal uniformity as the basis of our fellowship with one another.

Thus learning to live together respectfully, arriving at mutual decisions cooperatively and democratically, and honoring the  conscience of each person are the essential arts we practice as religious liberals.  We are self-governing, organizationally, just as we aspire to be responsible and independent thinkers personally.

We invite you to join us wherever you find yourself on the spiritual path, regardless of your race, age, nationality, sexual orientation, or political philosophy.  You have a  story and gifts we can learn from.

The First Parish of Sudbury is one of over 1,000 Unitarian Universalist (UU) congregations in North America.  Lighting the “flaming chalice” each week, shown here surrounded by symbols of the world’s religions, is a common ritual in our worship.  The link to UU Principles and Sources below will lead you to a statement of the ideals we agree to practice and uphold.

Further Reading


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