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Stewardship Committee

The Stewardship Committee organizes the annual pledge drive, when people make their annual financial commitment to support First Parish of Sudbury. The Stewardship Committee also helps encourage broad participation in the ongoing volunteer work needed to keep First Parish running.

A large portion of First Parish’s income, to pay its operating expenses each year, comes from pledges. Each year in the spring, members and friends of First Parish sign financial commitment cards which state how much they commit to give during the next July-to-June fiscal year. Gifts are also an important part of our revenue, but pledges provide the primary scaffolding upon which we build a budget. It is the pledges that enable our elected leaders to plan the next year’s budget.

The Stewardship Committee, along with the minister,  strategizes about the overall philosophy and the details of the spring pledge drive. It plans the publicity and pledge drive kick-off.  It recruits a team of canvassers to contact members and friends. And it tracks pledge information to report to the trustees and Finance Committee. The team receives support from the trustees, the Finance Committee, and the Community and Hospitality Committee.

Stewardship Committee members would like you to know:

Stewardship, in all its forms, is crucial to the survival and growth of First Parish of Sudbury. Without each congregant’s participation, First Parish cannot serve its members, our community, or our world.

Commitment to Participate: There is no term limit, but it is desirable for a member to commit to at least two years for continuity. Participation involves a time commitment before and during the pledging season.

Meetings: As needed, The busiest time being January through mid-April.Roles: Members. Responsibilities can be divided among the team, with one person responsible for tracking, one for communication, one for events planning, etc., but it is an overall collaborative team effort.

For more information contact the office.