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Human Resource Council

Overall, the job of this Council is to keep the human resource side of our congregation working smoothly. The council is here to provide support and consulting to individual staff, the trustees, the committees and the whole congregation.

In this mission, the Council works with many groups in the congregation – the Finance and the other committees close to the work of our treasured staff, the Community and Hospitality Committee, the Committee on Ministry and the Religious Exploration Committee. It works with the staff on specific and individual items and goal setting. It works with the trustees on the big picture, and overall direction and guidance. Members of the council will gladly meet with anyone from the congregation who wishes to give input.

It works with the Finance Committee on staff compensation, following the existing team compensation philosophy of bringing any staff below UUA compensation guidelines toward the midpoint of the range.

Meetings:  A few times per year when needed.

Roles: At present two individuals act as HR liaisons between staff and the congregation through the Board of Trustees.