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Green Sanctuary Committee

The Green Sanctuary Committee (GSC) is responsible for crafting a program that increases our practice of the Seventh Principle of the UUA in our congregation, our community and our private lives: “Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.” This permanent committee is guided by the Green Sanctuary Program. The UU Ministry for Earth (MFE) initiated the Green Sanctuary Program, and as of 2008 it is managed by the UUA, in Boston. We seek Green Sanctuary Certification.

The GSC is now completing its fourth year and has made progress on the road to First Parish becoming a Certified Green Sanctuary. We filed our application for candidacy as a Green Sanctuary congregation in late June 2007, and it was accepted early in 2008 with requests that we increase the specificity and justice aspects of our enviro-justice items.
Commitment to Participate: There are no term limits.

Green Sanctuary Committee members would like you to know:

The GSC can design a Green Sanctuary program but we rely on the members and staff of First Parish Sudbury to cooperate and carry it out.

The committee is always looking for fresh ideas and new members.

Meetings: Open meetings about six times a year.

Roles: chair (or co-chairs), members, and many in the congregation who participate in and manage projects that support the mission of the Green Sanctuary Committee.