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Faith in Action

Meeting Structure- We meet about five times a year, mostly at 8:30 on Sunday mornings.

Overview-We work to make positive changes in the larger society by helping our Congregation become more aware of some social problems, by facilitating our Congregation’s reaching out to help those in need, and by keeping abreast of the activities of the Unitarian Universalist Association, the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, Unitarian Unversalists for A Just Economic Community, UU Mass Action , UU Urban Ministry and Cooperative Metropolitan Ministries.

Commitment to Participate-We welcome as Team members all members of First Parish, even those who don’t attend our meetings, but who will assume responsibility for a specific task — such as First Parish back-pack collections and Santa’s Helpers.

Roles-We have a coordinator, a treasurer/accountant, someone responsible for the back-pack collection, someone responsible for Santa’s Helpers, someone who mentors the prisoner with whom we are associated, and someone who maintains a close relationship with a Haitian-American family. Those of us who meet together receive applications for First Parish’s semi-monthly share-the-plate Offerings and arrange for their scheduling, and for advocates to write items about them in The Connector and the Order of Service, and speak about them before the Offerings. WE NEED A LIAISON TO THE UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST SERVICE COMMITTEE.

Team members would like you to know:

We are very mindful and respectful of the important social-action work that many First Parish members are engaged in outside of the First Parish Community and that we welcome the commitments that are being made through Living Our Faith.