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Community and Hospitality Committee

The mission of the Community and Hospitality Committee is to attract, welcome and integrate visitors to FPS, help interested returning visitors find ways to be involved and engaged at FPS, help newcomers determine whether they wish to join as members, and to help all members and friends remain engaged with our congregation’s ministry in ways that “feed their spirits.”

CHC actively supports FPS community-building events and initiatives: potlucks, community groups, and other events that foster a closer feeling of community.

CHC is made up of members who attend meetings and volunteer to support the work of the CHC, and “satellite” members who fill certain specific roles—coordinating the usher and greeter schedule for the year, coordinating the Social Hour hosts, etc. There are many tasks big and small, some of which can be done along with others, some of which can be done at one’s convenience. This is a multi-faceted committee in terms of the opportunities to participate.

CHC members would like you to know:

We have fun at our meetings and working together on our projects.

It’s really rewarding to get to know newcomers.

Talking to newcomers has helped me be in touch with the reasons I love FPS, want to be involved, and want to help us grow.

Meetings: Usually meets monthly; currently meeting on Sundays from 11:45-1:00 at FPS

Commitment to Participate: Presently there are no term limits for committee membership or for the “satellite roles”. People are encouraged to try it and see what roles work for them.

Roles: The CHC has a chairperson who convenes meetings, sets the meeting agenda with the CLC, and leads meetings, as well as provides leadership of the committee’s initiatives.