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The First Parish Choir offers its musical ministry to the congregation, and to the communities-at-large in special services. Twice during each congregational year, the choir offers two major Music Sundays. Either a major choral work or a thematic set of pieces is offered, often with a chamber musical ensemble. These services are very carefully planned to be offered as worship services rather than performances.

Commitment to Participate: All interested singers are invited to join the choir. We are always happy to welcome new members, and always have a combination of singers at many different skill levels. Although we work hard at our rehearsals, we also incorporate time to socialize and deepen our friendships.

Choir members communicate with the director about their availability for Sundays and rehearsals.


The choice rehearses twice each week:

  • Thursday evening choir rehearsals from 7:30-9:15pm
  • Sunday morning rehearsals from 9:00-9:45am

When preparing for Music Sundays, we often have sectional rehearsals following the Sunday morning worship service at 11:30.

Choir members would like you to know:

Being in the choir and creating music together touches me deeply.

I feel like we are answering questions about our UU identity through multiple forms of music.

For more information contact Debra Morris-Bennett, Music Director