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Building and Grounds Committee

The Building and Grounds Committee maintains all First Parish of Sudbury property. For the Atkinson Religious Education Building it prepares for and carries out maintenance, renovation and new construction. For the historic Meetinghouse and Carriage Shed it prepares for and carries out restoration and preservation. The Building and Grounds Committee is involved in the design of all building restoration and renovation work, as well as the hiring and overseeing of contractors and trades persons.

Some maintenance projects need to be managed as the need arises. Others are put on a to-do list. A few times during the year the Building and Grounds Committee organizes work days and greatly appreciates volunteers who help with a variety of tasks.

Types of projects managed: oiling doors and thresholds, painting, performing a sprinkler water drain inspection in the fall, resetting light timers and thermostats, managing humidity in summer, replacing light bulbs, other small repairs.

Building and Grounds Committee members would like you to know:

You will learn a LOT about maintenance, especially the unique aspects of maintaining a historical property.

Meetings: Several times during the year, and when called

Commitment to Participate: There are no term limits, and people with skills of all kinds are welcome!

Roles: Co-chairs, regular committee members, and helpers. No matter what your skill, your involvement will be appreciated.