This Week in Religious Exploration

By Jenna Kyes

Published December 10, 2019.

  • Nursery care for children ages 0-5:

Nursery care is available during worship this weekend!

  • Religious Exploration for children and youth in grades K-8:

Flames class (grades K-3): This week, our younger students will meet for a Moral Tales lesson about faith, hope and prayer. In this class, they will learn about the importance of prayer as spiritual practice in many religious faiths.  They will hear a traditional Jewish story about faith, play a game that encourages them to think about gratitude and hope, and create UU prayer bead necklaces.

Explorers class (grades 4-8):  The older students in our program will meet this Sunday for a Toolbox of Faith lesson about flexibility.  They will hear and discuss a story that imagines life without choices or flexibility, play a game that encourages them to adapt to change, and create works of art that symbolize the importance of being flexible and open-minded in their everyday lives.


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