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Keys to FPS–New System

Thanks to Terry Lockhart, we now have a keyless entry system on the two exterior doors at FPS (the main door at the end of the sidewalk, and the side door that goes to the hallway near the kitchen.)

What this means is that your outside door keys will soon not work, and instead all people who need to enter will have a key fob for their keychain. This will be for times when the doors are locked. On weekday mornings and Sunday mornings and when a meeting is taking place, the doors will probably remain unlocked as they are now. This new system will improve security greatly. The fob will be signed out to one person, and so it will be clear to the office administrator, who is in the building. If a fob is lost, it will be straightforward for us to cancel that lost fob, and replace it. (There will be a lost-fob replacement charge to the user to cover the cost of the new fob.)

Key fobs will be distributed to anyone who truly needs access to First Parish in order to do their volunteer job. In theory, those are people who already have a key now.

If you have a key that gets into specific indoor areas at FPS (e.g., the workrooms), you will need to keep your key to use to enter those areas, but your key will soon NOT open the outside doors–then you will need your key and the fob.

Fran will be distributing fobs this Sunday, May 20 at social hour. If you will be getting a key fob, and will be at social hour, please pick it up then. Otherwise, Fran is in the office weekdays from 9am to noon, so stop in then or make arrangements with her. 978/443-2043×3 or