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Religious Exploration May 20th

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Religious Exploration – Since Mother’s Day fell on Last Sunday’s class, the children took part in different activities than listed. This week they will return to their regularly scheduled class. Reflection is an important process for self-discovery and learning. This year our Explorers have discussed and taken part in many activities that surround a wide variety of themes. This Sunday will be a time where they will take a moment to reflect, journal, and discuss all we have talked about this year. They will also be taking the time to finish up the previous three week craft of planting, re-potting, and growing their own seedlings for transplant, as a part of our understanding for the interdependent web of all things. 


Spirit Play – This week in spirit play, the children will get the chance to listen to the story of One Grain of Rice and discuss how it relates to their UU principles.  Afterwards, they will work together on a fun math related craft to connect to our science source.


Nursery – Our littlest UU’s will be downstairs in the SED classroom on the first floor.