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Religious Exploration – April 9th


Religious Exploration – April 9th –  April at First Parish brings with it a new month of education and exploration for our children and youth! This month’s theme is that of humility, and this week’s lesson is all about humble origins. From the tiny seed to the human cell, all things begin as a sort of “seed of life” or sacred geometry. This is considered the stage that comes before the flower of life, which produces the fruit of life, thought to be the blueprint of the universe containing every atom and form of life! Using our scientific minds the children will explore the humble origins of all things in their first and tiniest form, beginning from a single seed. During the lesson, each child will be provided planting supplies to help begin their own first sprouts of life and spring.


Spirit Play – This week in Spirit Play, the children will be hearing the Green Promise Story! This is a story about growing by exploring what is true and right in life. Afterward, they will do a fun nature-themed activity to help them learn about the green promise and celebrate the fact that Spring is coming! (Despite the cold weather hanging around!)


Nursery – Our littlest UUs will be taking part in the planting of spring activity with the Explorer’s class