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Final call for FY18-19 Pledges

A message from Valerie Tratnyek:

I offered to help with the Annual Pledge drive for First Parish this year because I was worried that this critical effort would fall behind…..I have learned a great deal: especially that when people are asked directly, they are able to recognize the importance of supporting FPS without too much convincing!  I believe that each individual is on their own journey at FPS…..both in how they participate and how comfortable they are in their financial support.  However, I’ve realized that although it takes time for many to recognize how needed they are, for us to continue as we have for 350 years, we must speed up this process of educating the congregation about our financial need.
I am not a “numbers” person, but I am a “big picture” person: I can tell you that our budget for the next year depends on your commitment.  When our pledges for the coming year fall short of our goal, we have to adjust the budget downward.  And because most of our expenses are fixed, and vitally important (like salaries and building maintenance), any “cuts” are likely made to programming.  And of course, a wide variety of programming is what makes us a rich and diverse community that offers opportunities to involve ourselves in religious education, music, social justice projects, ethical eating, environmental activism, spiritual practices such as meditation and yoga, book discussion groups, men’s and women’s groups,etc….. We want to protect these programs!
Seventy-two families have responded to our campaign for financial support: about 3/4 of our active supporters.  We need the remaining members and friends to contribute towards the year ahead so that we can remain strong, and grow.  Please see me at coffee hour on April 8th.  I truly welcome your questions and aim to support you in your decision about how much you will pledge to support FPS this year.  And if you have misplaced your pledge card, never fear!  I have more!!
Thank you, Val.