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Coming Up in Religious Exploration – April 2018


Coming up in RE for April 2018 – This month in religious exploration, the children of First Parish will be focusing on the idea that humility is not thinking less of yourself but instead is thinking of yourself less. Affirming the inherent worth and dignity of all people is one of our core principles because as UUs we recognize that there is nothing noble about considering yourself to be above your fellow man. Using a mix of discussion, arts and inquiry, science, popcorn theology and more, the children of FPS will have a chance to explore humble origins and personal growth. From the tiniest seed or cell to the largest of beings, all the world is worthy of consideration and appreciation!


Please note that the weekend of April 8th, the explorers class ages 8-16 will not be held. If children attending wish to go to RE this Sunday they may leave and join the other children’s activities in Spirit play with Bailey & Luka!


If you are interested in signing up to volunteer with the children and youth of First Parish please email the DRE Michele Barkhauer at the following address: