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Religious Exploration February 25th


Please Note: RE is in need of adult volunteers! Our RE classes are a great time of learning and growth for the children of First Parish, and our children benefit greatly from the amazing support and instruction provided by our volunteers. If you are available either to lead or assist in Nursery or Spirit Play, please contact the DRE:

Spirit Play: TBA

Explorers: The ancient Greek’s held a belief that there are eight distinct types of love. During this Sunday’s exploration, we will be talking about the concept of “Philautia” or self-love. The Greeks understood that in order for us to be able to care for others we must first learn to care for ourselves. This type of self-love is the antithesis of selfish, vain love or self-obsession because it focuses on the Buddhist philosophy of self-compassion, and of spreading care and love by first being comfortable in one’s own skin. You cannot share what you do not have, and love is no different. Love must start  with the self before you can love anyone else.

As a side note: we will also begin planning/discussion participation in the annual Family Promise Walk-

Nursery care: Our littlest UUs will have their class as usual in the SED room on the first floor.