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Women’s Alliance meeting Thursday, February 8

Greetings women of First Parish.

You are all invited to the regular meeting of the Women’s Alliance potluck and meeting  on Thursday, February 8 starting at 6:30 pm in the Brackett Room.

 We’ll check in with each other to see how we’re faring this winter.  We may talk about what we’ve been reading, for instance!  With an author presentation and discussion scheduled at First Parish for March 10 by Debbie Irving on “Growing Up White,” we may want to talk some about that.

Looking forward to spring, we have two big events, the Rummage Sale (April 21) and the spring retreat (May 4-6, at Wisdom House in CT) to plan.  Although we don’t yet have any grant requests, it’s not too soon to discuss what role we will play in the refurbishing of the kitchen.

As always, all women who are in any way connected to First Parish are welcome to attend, including newcomers, non-members, and long- timers.

Bring anything you like, home-made or store-bought, to eat or drink—it always seems to work out.  And if you’re rushed, just come!  We usually adjourn around 8:30 and coming for just part of the meeting is great if that’s what works for you.

Your executive committee.