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Religious Exploration February 2018

The Season of love is upon us, and with it comes another shift in focus for the children and youth of First Parish. As the exploration of self and world continues, this month’s theme will allow us to discuss ways in which we might each spread loving kindness out into the world. While our younger UU’s continue on their journey through story and play, our older members in the Explorers class will be discussing what love means to them, and the ways in which they might express it each and every day. We will talk about how things like choice, self-awareness, and sacrifice can help to manifest our intentions in amazing and sometimes unexpected ways. There will be a Valentine’s Day workshop Sunday, February 11th during class. This would be a great opportunity for the children to work on their Valentines, so feel free to provide a list if you are so inclined! As always, any child who expresses an idea or project they would like to undertake during RE classes is free to make suggestions! Parent feel free to email any thoughts or ideas to the DRE.


Please Note: RE is in need of adult volunteers! Our RE classes are a great time of learning and growth for the children of First Parish, and our children benefit greatly from the amazing support and instruction provided by our volunteers. If you are available either to lead or assist in Nursery or Spirit Play, please contact the DRE:

Spirit Play: This week Sunday, February 11th, our spirit play class will be led by Luka! The children will hear the frog lesson and dive into the science source.  Afterwards, the children will have a chance to learn more about frogs and do fun, individual projects.

Explorers:  This Sunday our Explorers will be discussing the six kinds of love, and the places they may see some of them in their everyday lives. During this class, the children will be taking part in our Valentine Workshop, a chance for them to let the creative juices flow!

Nursery care: Our littlest UUs will have their class as usual in the SED room on the first floor.