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“Protect Sudbury” Update

Jim Gish would like us to  be aware of a meeting tonight with an update on the Protect Sudbury Project. It will take place tonight at 7:15 at Goodnow Library in Sudbury.


Ray Phillips will address the community and give an update on the recent hearings we have attended. Some of the things Eversource recently testified to under oath at the recent EFSB hearings are alarming.  To get an update on all that has taken place, please attend the community update with Protect Sudbury and bring a friend! Wednesday, January 31st at the Goodnow.  The legal proceedings which Eversource and the EFSB tried to fast-track, raised so many questions unanswered by Eversource, that the hearings extended an additional two months into January.

The need for a transmission line at all is still in doubt, and the relative cost of various alternatives is not clear. What is clear, is that the environmental impacts of Eversource’s plan to impose a high voltage transmission line along the MBTA right of way are significant, permanent and irreparable. Our Protect Sudbury community is still very much in this fight. Hope to see you Wednesday, January 31, at 7:15 PM at the Goodnow.