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“Insights” by Rev. Dr. Marjorie Matty

Heat it up with Justice January
What better way to get warm in a very cold January than to allow your blood to boil a bit. All one needs to do it take a look at the news, Twitter or Facebook and be assured that your state of calm, cool and collectedness will be gone. I have spent some time over the last year being frustrated, angry and concerned with the state of our union and yet when I do I remind myself that I am a Unitarian Universalist I feel better. Being a Unitarian Universalist to my mind equates with a philosophy that is synonymous with a belief that we are agents of change and that we can speak our truth to power even when those in power refuse to listen. What can we do when we are overwhelmed or enraged by what seems like thoughtless or misguided and selfish behavior? We mobilize…we resist and we persist. Therefore, to help us to warm up in January we have invited the theme of Justice to take front and center stage.
Many would ask why is the theme of Justice so special? We clearly focus on justice throughout the year in special events such as the Waking Up White conversation that will take place with the author, Debby Irving on March 10th at 12pm or the walk to end homelessness in April, we sponsor fundraisers with our teens, we build houses for those who are in need, we work at food pantries and work tirelessly for the many causes that we are passionate about. We endeavor to make the world a better place each and every day and we will continue on even though at times we just want to tune out. We cannot, no matter how raw or tired we might feel, tune out! This month we will focus on what it means to resist and persist, how to keep the passion alive for the causes and our energy up for the endless calls to action. This Sunday I will consider the Science of Justice, what that looks like, and how history has formed a shift, through evolution, to a need for our species to embrace compassion, equality and action for the good of the whole.
This month we will have two guest speakers sharing their thoughts about Justice–Laura Wagner from UUMassAction will speak about some of the ongoing legislative work that she is leading in Massachusetts. We will also hear from Matt Meyer who has previously shared his rhythm music ministry at First Parish.
When I get downhearted about the news or some new twist or plot thickening that is uncovered via Twitter (someone has to own some stock in Twitter–just saying), I turn to what it means to me to be a UU. How knowing that we are all in this together is salve for my soul and it ignites within me the spark to make a difference. I look forward to resisting and persisting with each of you as we continue to work towards justice in 2018.
Much Love and Light,
Rev. Marjorie