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Religious Exploration November 26th, 2017

Spirit Play: This Week in Spirit Play we will hear the story of the Wampanoag Thanksgiving!  Afterward hearing the story, our Spirit Play class will do another special Thanksgiving craft, and will learn about the importance of giving thanks.


UU Explorers: This week in Explorers, our Class will be led by Ms. Pat! Keeping with the theme of faith and trust, and of course our holiday week of Thankgiving, our explorers will talk about the tradition of Thanksgiving and will idea board all of the things they are thankful for this year!

Nursery care: This week the youngest among us will be joined by our volunteers in the upper level SED classroom. For those of you interested in volunteering in the Nursery, please note that all sermons can be heard from this room, which means you’ll never have to miss one! Please contact the IDRE at if you wish to sign up!

Youth Group: Our Youth group has decided to extend an invitation to the members of First Parish : A Parent’s Night Out will be hosted December 2nd, from 4pm until 8:20pm here at FPS. Please contact Michele Barkhauer at if you’d like to sign up.