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Religious Exploration November 12th, 2017


Spirit Play: TBA


UU Explorers: This week, our Explorers group will be moving full steam ahead into November’s theme of Faith, and as an extension of that, trust. These two concepts work hand in hand, and what better way to demonstrate this than to allow them the opportunity to experience faith and trust building first hand. Through a series of discussions and games we’ll begin to more deeply get to know others around us, and we’ll start to forge the bonds that allow us to trust in one another and to grow together as our year moves forward. For those who have expressed a desire to bring some creativity and “technical engineering” into the mix, we have a special activity planned! You won’t want to miss this!

Nursery care: This week the youngest among us will be joined by our volunteers in the upper level SED classroom. For those of you interested in volunteering in the Nursery, please note that all sermons can be heard from this room, which means you’ll never have to miss one! Please contact the IDRE at if you wish to sign up!

Youth Group: Our Youth group has decided to extend an invitation to the members of First Parish : A Parent’s Night Out will be hosted December 2nd, from 4pm until 8:20pm here at FPS. Sign up will begin this week, so be sure to grab your kids a spot and don’t forget to invite your friends! Activities will include snacks, movies, Christmas Card workshops and crafts, and possibly gingerbread house building!