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Religious Exploration October 8th

Spirit Play: This week in Spirit play we will be listening to the story “I live in the Universe” in order to learn more about science, one of our UU sources.  After listening to the story and discussing it, we will do arts and crafts activities related to science which the kids will be able to bring home.


UU Explorers: Grab your popcorn and ‘lets all go to the movies!’ This week, we’ll be completing our very first popcorn theology unit on the fragile art of hospitality! We’ll be watching some clips from a popular film and taking part in a sort of film analysis, pulling out talking points and delving into our hospitality theme along the way. All of our Explorers are pretty excited to get this one rolling out, and this is the week it’s all going to start so don’t miss it!

Nursery care: This week the youngest among us will be joined by our volunteers in the upper level SED classroom. For those of you interested in volunteering in the Nursery, please note that all sermons can be heard from this room, which means you’ll never have to miss one!

Youth Group: Our Youth Group meeting will take place at 7pm on October 15th, 2017 in the Commons.