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Religious Exploration September 24th

Spirit Play: This week in Spirit Play we will read the story of The Earth on the Turtle’s Back, a Native American creation story.  The story will be a good introduction to the year as it is a creation story the kids haven’t heard before, and it touches upon some values that UU’s hold.  After reading the story the children will have a chance to play games and explain how they believe the earth was created and why.


UU Explorers: This Sunday, we will be exploring the empowerment of inner beauty.  Explorers will begin building their “Free to be Me” wall in the commons, a place where they will be collecting positive messages, images, and thoughts in a living collage that will grow with them as we delve into the places where beauty can be found beyond the mirror. Explorers will also learn, through interactive games, how beauty is perceived differently in varying cultures from around the globe, from the far corners of Africa and Myanmar, to right here at home in America.


Nursery care: This week the youngest among us will be joined by Brie Patch & Makayla Boisvert, a big thank you to you both!

Please Note: The Nursery will be held in classroom one on the lower level, where they will have full access to all of the age appropriate toys and accommodations that this wonderful SED classroom has to offer! Beginning next week, our 0-3 group will begin their own RE stories, games, and crafts as their year kicks off under the Hospitality theme!


Youth Group: Our Youth Group meeting will take place at 7pm in the Brackett Room after the Morris Dancer’s meeting. Dinner will be provided.