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September’s Worship Theme of the Month: Beauty

Did you know that the staff and worship associates organize each month around a specific theme? Marjorie and Debra and our religious educators put great effort into integrating music and the spoken word to complement one another in worship.

How will you know what the theme of the month is? There are many ways to learn about this, but there are three very simple ways:


  1. Look on the bulletin board at the entrance to the Parish Hall. Each month this year it will feature art and text on the month’s theme.
  2. Spend a few minutes looking at the Communications Monitor in the lobby–once again, featuring images and quotes.
  3. Read your Connector and News U Can Use newsletters, with more thematic offerings.

Of course, you can always speak with Rev. Marjorie, Debra, or Fran who will be glad to tell you about the theme and plans to integrate this into our community life.

Hope you enjoy these and that they enrich your worship experience even more.