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Free Shredding Service at FPS

Our member, Jason Robison, really likes shredding documents and plans to come in often to FPS to help us, and YOU, with our document needs.


Here’s how the shredding will work.

  1. There will be a box on the shelves outside the FPS office marked “for Jason to shred”
  2. Please bring anything to be shredded there, and each day Fran is in the office, she will put the collected documents near the shredder in the office workroom in a secure location. If you have a large amount of papers, please contact Fran in the office to make arrangements. Stapled papers and envelopes with windows, ok, but no cardstock or plastic, please.
  3. Jason and his responsible, trustworthy professional helper, Maja, will shred and recycle the shreddings.
  4. Your documents will be handled carefully and will be treated as confidential.

This is what we call a Win-Win-Win!