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Religious Exploration May 28th

By W.carter – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Wikimedia

This coming Sunday, May 28, Alorie had planned to be part of a Quaker-style worship. By now many may have received news that Alorie tragically passed away Tuesday night, succumbing to injuries from a car accident last Friday.We encourage members and friends to join in for this service, to be here to support, remember and love one another in Alorie’s memory.

Children may have questions and we expect that they will be aware that something has happened as so many in our congregation will be experiencing grief and shock this Sunday. Therefore, all children will join together for a special children’s chapel and we will address the topic of death in a way appropriate to all ages, and have some time for questions, as well, led by the Director of Religious Exploration (DRE), Chris. Chris will reach out to parents with the full agenda and will be attentive to any concerns, suggestions, and questions. Parents are encouraged to contact Chris at , with questions and concerns.


Nursery Care will be provided.