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Religious Education March 26th

By Martin Falbisoner via Wikimedia Commons

Spirit Play heard the story of the Great Flood and Noah’s Ark last Sunday. It is a story that ends with a Covenant. As the rains ended God spoke a blessing, and a beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky. “This rainbow,” God said, “is a sign that never again will the world be destroyed by flood; and in times to come when I cloud the sky with rain, afterward you will see a rainbow, and you will remember my promise, a promise made to you and to every living creature in the world.”

UU Explorers will continue to explore tools and objects as metaphors for “tools” of our faith. This Sunday we’ll use a mirror as a symbol to teach about reflection as a tool we find in our Unitarian Universalist faith. We’ll talk about using reflection when we have difficult questions and need to think about the answers. And, we’ll talk about when, where, and how we take the time to listen inside ourselves for a still, small voice.

The children will learn that we often think of our own “still, small voice” as our conscience and that some people think of it as the voice of God. The group will hear the story, adapted from Hebrew scripture (I Kings 19:11-12), of the prophet Elijah and his experience hearing a “still, small voice.”

Breakfast Club will meet in the library.

Nursery Care will be provided.