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volunteers invited to join Memorial Garden sub-committee

Memorial Garden Subcommittee to review Memorial Garden Procedures

The time has come for the Landscape Committee to reexamine whether we are doing justice to this space. Our landscape committee is asking for a small study group to learn what others have done successfully, to compile and compose our philosophy and to help direct our actions moving forward. In our service, we would be seeking results that would help to guide us to a clear mission for what we want the garden to be for us all. My hope is for a small and focused group to work toward this end. To do this, we need two more representatives from the congregation to volunteer to be on this committee.  All of us on the Landscape Committee look forward to your input as we seek to create a place where the natural world and the nurture of our spirit can continue.

I believe we are called to tend both the spirit of our land and the spirits of those we have lost. In my brief time here with the congregation, listening to conversations I have had with regard to our garden on the hill, the idea of a place for remembrance filled with the beauty and joy of nature seems paramount to our community. As stewards, our charge is to honor the memories of those interred. I believe we accomplish this by planting with care and thought, by maintaining our woodland to the highest standards, by enhancing the experience of those who visit and by establishing detailed records of what has come before and what is yet to be.

“Help us to be ever faithful gardeners of the spirit, who know that without darkness nothing comes to birth and without light nothing flowers” – This quote from May Sarton seems quite fitting when I think about our garden;

Steve Smith,  Memorial Garden Subcommittee Chair.

Please reach out to Marge Langmuir or Steve Smith to see how you can help, and thank you for your support.