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Religious Education March 12th

A Turtle and HippoSpirit Play heard the true story last week of Owen, a 650 lb hippo from Kenya, and Mzee, a giant male tortoise, 130-years-old, named Mzee, which in the Swahili language means “old man”.  Owen decided that Mzee should be his adopted mother. Now they swim, eat and sleep together all the time. It is a beautiful story about how much we need one another, no matter whether we are different species!
UU Explorers are continuing with their “Toolbox of Faith”. This week using a magnifying glass to talk about the need to continue to question everything, and how science helps us to do that. We’ll learn about Unitarian Maria Mitchell, who discovered a comet and later went on to teach Astronomy at Vassar.
Breakfast Club will meet in the library.
Nursery Care will be provided.