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Ushering and Greeting on Sundays

Now there are two ways to sign up to usher or greet on Sundays at FPS–making it easier for you to sign up.

The tried-and-true method is to contact Fran in the office to sign up, or reply to her emails. 978/443-2043 x 3 or .

Now, you can also just sign up on the board in the Parish Hall when you are here. Each Monday Fran will compare the online chart with the Parish Hall chart to be sure they are in sync.

As always, you will get a reminder the week before you have signed up to usher/greet.

You can always see the online chart on the FPS website: Look under “Getting Involved” and then “Sunday Helpers”.

For folks willing to try ushering and greeting who haven’t done it yet, we will pair you with and experienced volunteer to learn the ropes. And, you will receive instructions in advance.

Thanks for all you do!