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NEXT STEPS … what’s a UU to DO?


On January 8, twenty-five concerned First Parish members and friends met with Rev. Marjorie in the Brackett Room to share feelings, thoughts, concerns and ideas about what exactly to DO in this new, uncertain national/global landscape. Many more wished they could be present but couldn’t make the meeting.

This section of our website is one response to the question “what can we do?”

Please send Fran Sharp, , ideas of your own or others’, and initiatives that are happening far and near. This is your Connection to lots of others who are concerned too, want to change the world for the better, and want to do it together.



International Women’s Day is coming up on March 8. There is an interesting program at Simmons (they do it every year) and this year it’s sponsored by Mass NOW.

Rally for Planned Parenthood in Boston Saturday, March 4:


ACLU of Massachusetts

Planned Parenthood

Immigrants Rights

Mass NOW (National Organization of Women)

Natural Resources Defense Council

Human Rights Campaign (for LGBTQ rights)


Center for American Progress (CAP),

Third Way (


Progressive Mass which has local chapters. The Concord chapter is called Three Rivers Affinity Group and it’s pretty broad so could be of interest to Sudbury/Hudson/Marlborough folks. Here is the website for statewide group:

Indivisible has about 50 local groups in MA. They are pretty much focused on working in Congressional districts. Here is the main website and you can find chapters there based on your district.

Sister District Project

Wayland Huddle Group (actual name TBD) – This group came out of the Women’s March. Organization leaves something to be desired–doesn’t have a Facebook page yet. They have their third meeting planned in March.

Swing Left, Take Back the House is a group focused on the 2018 mid terms and working in districts that might be competitive, including in other states. For most people in MA, that means NH. There are meetings happening in March – maybe the 11th? But if people just sign up on the website, they will get info.

Threads of Resistance –-crafters are invited to consider the theme and create work – fiber art, art quilts, modern quilts or traditional quilts – to convey your passion, anger, or sadness about an issue that concerns you. Your work can be either positive (encouraging and unifying), or negative (portraying anger, sadness or discouragement). Deadline for submission of craft is May 1, 2017.