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Religious Education February 19th

This Sunday we will gather the Spirit Play and UU Explorers classes together for a special look at homelessness as we think about our call to help one another. We’ll learn about what the experience is like from someone who works with the homeless, and hear about a girl who participates with Unitarian Universalists from across the Central Midwest District in No More Turning Away, a program to raise awareness about homelessness and assist homeless people in their local communities. We’ll brainstorm about things we can do to help and discuss participating in the Walk to End Homelessness through Family Promise on April 8th . Will you join us in this family friendly event?

We’ll also do several experiential, cooperative activities that explore what it means to help one another, and embody the “tied together” theme as we navigate a course while all tied to one another.

Breakfast Club will still be available in the library.

Nursery Care will be provided.

We are all dependent on one another, every soul of us on earth. — George Bernard Shaw