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Committee on Ministry shines a spotlight on Community and Hospitality Committee

Tom Kruskal, a third-year veteran of the Committee on Ministry, did some digging into exactly what CHC is and does:

He writes: I sat down with Leslie Lowe, the chair of the Community and Hospitality Committee, known affectionately as CHC, a few weeks ago to find out more about CHC’s work and how the Committee On Ministry might be useful to support and celebrate their ministry. The CHC supports the social fabric of our church community in large and small ways.

Membership:  CHC takes a major role in welcoming and nurturing visitors and potential new members to First Parish by introducing them to us. They maintain visitor packets, pew literature, name tags, and make calls and home visits. They monitor the pulse of the entire community and are our front line for communication with Marjorie, Fran, the canvass and other committees.

Sunday Worship:  CHC manages greeters, ushers, flower providers, and Social Hour hosts. They set up a Welcome Table with pamphlets about FPS and UUism and instituted the yellow visitor’s mugs.  Their introduction of tables and chairs to Social Hour to foster conversations and supplying of organic, fair-traded coffee demonstrate their continuous attention to our social needs.

Social events:  CHC organizes or supports many events during the year including In-Home dinners, picnics for the start and end of our church season, the Un-birthday party, and the monthly Seekers Gatherings. And they try to organize rides and childcare when asked.

WOW! And they enjoy doing it!  And you might notice they can always use help.  The members of the CHC are Leslie Lowe (chair), Sheila Davison, Carolyn Lee, Nina Piazza, Amy Prince, and Cilla Reising. Fran Sharp as Office Administrator helps CHC recruit volunteers for Sunday Worship and maintains the schedule on the FPS website.

And don’t forget: This Sunday Feb 19th, the Committee on Ministry is rolling out our first “mini survey” during Social Hour, focusing on Community and Hospitality.