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Religious Education February 12th

By realizaciones – propio, Public D, Wikimedia

Spirit Play learned the wonderful story of the Yin and Yang and the Dwarf P’an Ku last Sunday: Before the beginning of day—before the earth or the sky was formed—there was Tao, the Great Original Cause.  All things came from Tao and on Tao all depend. Tao reached everywhere. Tao was smaller than the smallest and greater than the greatest.  In Tao was the power to change all things. So it came about that Tao brought into being the two great elements, the Yang and the Yin, each the opposite of the other. As the Yin and Yang flowed round and round and mingled together the specks of life in each of them joined and became one life and this new life began to grow. A shell like the shell of an egg formed around the life. After ages of time, so long, no one can imagine how long it was, this kernel of life grew and grew within the world egg until it became strong. Then the sound of hammering inside the great shell began.

As a young chick pecks its way through its shell, P’an Ku, a shaggy dwarf, began breaking his way through the shell of the world egg. He had two horns on his head and two tusks bent outward from his bearded jaws. His body was covered with fur like a bear. In his left hand was a hammer and in his right hand he held a chisel. P’an Ku began arranging Yin and Yang in many forms to form the earth and sky and everything in it. And that is how the world was made. This week the class will continue to learn Creation Stories from around the world.

UU Explorers: This Sunday the class will turn to the phrase in the Blake covenant which encourages us to “help one another.” Through the story of 19th-century Unitarian Elizabeth Blackwell, who became a physician in order to help others heal, we will discover our faith heritage of perseverance, hope, and giving. Blackwell became the first woman doctor in the United States—one of the pioneering Unitarians and Universalists who heeded a calling to help others despite societal obstacles and personal hardships.

Breakfast Club will meet in the library

Nursery Care will be provided.