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The C.O.M. will NOT be instituting a full, congregational survey this spring! Instead… (read more)

It has been the practice of the Committee on Ministry to administer a congregational survey every three years to help determine the “pulse” of our parishioners. This year we are trying something new. Over the next few months, the COM will be highlighting the ministry of several groups/committees at First Parish: the Community and Hospitality Committee (CHC), Religious Education (RE) and the Music Program. Each time we do this, our committee will attempt to further educate the community on exactly what these groups do, and to evaluate the overall feeling of the church toward that particular “brand of ministry”. The evaluations will take the form of small, one-page questionnaires, directed specifically at how each group enriches your First Parish experience.

As many of you know, one of the most visible functions of the CHC is running social hour, after services, but they perform many more vital functions, as well. In the next few weeks, the COM will be hosting a social hour/coffee hour to spotlight the Community and Hospitality Committee and their work. The Committee on Ministry will be making a more detailed announcement during services this Sunday.