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Religious Education January 15th

By ESA/Hubble, CC BY 3.0, Wikimedia

This Sunday Spirit Play will begin to look at different Creation myths from around the world. Creation myths are a wonderful window into ways different religions and cultures think about the world, as well as connecting to the mystery and majesty of our amazing universe.

UU Explorers will explore the Blake covenant phrase to “seek the truth in love.” Through the story of Joseph Priestley (1733-1804), participants discover our Unitarian heritage of seeking truth and our calling to act on our understanding of what is true and right. They will share some of the things they wonder about and do simple experiments with air pressure to explore Priestley’s discovery of the existence of oxygen.

Priestley, a scientist and a Unitarian minister, actively combined his theological beliefs with scientific inquiry. He made scientific breakthroughs we recognize today, such as proving the existence of oxygen. Yet, Priestley was ostracized during his time for his freethinking ideas and determined inquiry. Priestley refused to back down from his discoveries even when he and his family were threatened with bodily harm. His story reminds us of the dual importance of seeking the truth in love and following our conscience in standing up for our beliefs.

Breakfast Club will meet in the library.

Nursery Care will be provided.