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Spotlight on: Community and Hospitality Committee

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What the Community and Hospitality Committee is all about:
The mission of the CHC is to welcome and integrate visitors to FPS, help interested returning visitors find ways to be involved and engaged at FPS, and to help all members and friends remain engaged with our congregation’s ministry in ways that “feed their spirits.” This group has a hand in lots of community events and activities, bringing members and friends together, and collaborating with other committees and groups, too.
There are many different ways to be involved with CHC, some one-time tasks and some ongoing:

There are many tasks big and small, some which can be done with others, some to be done at home at one’s convenience.  We coordinate the Sunday Helpers, assemble the visitor’s packets, support the monthly Seeker’s Gathering and organize events like the lunches at the beginning and ending of the church year,  Newcomers Orientation and the In-Home dinners, which are happening at the end of January 2017. This is definitely a multi-faceted committee in terms of the opportunities to participate. Join us at our next meeting, December 11 at 11:45 am.
What the committee members would like you to know:
•    “I haven’t had this much fun at a committee meeting, ever!  This is a great group to work with.”
•    “It’s really rewarding to get to know newcomers.”
•    “Talking to newcomers helps me be in touch with the reasons I love FPS, want to be involved, and want to help us grow.”
•    “We usually have a yummy home made snack at every meeting”

For more information:  talk to Leslie Lowe, chair, Amy Prince, Carolyn Lee, Cilla Reising, Nina Piazza, and Sheila Davison.