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The Monthly Connector–an intro by Rev. Marjorie

newsThe Connector is evolving as Fran Sharp, our congregational administrator, reimagines the format and communication needs of our community. Once a month she will create an extended electronic version that will consider the important decisions and news of the previous month, October, and the important calendared events of the upcoming month, November. This new expanded Connector will come out the last week of every month. Within it one may find a Board article with significant decisions, finance committee updates, buildings and grounds news or a culmination of news, and updates on people we care about. In this same Connector we will offer highlights about November’s calendar and “Insights” about the upcoming theme for worship, which for November will be “the transformative nature of risk.” There will be a lead article for each Connector and this month, Chris Scheller is sharing his “insights” about risk. This lead article will usually focus on the theme of the month but could also highlight important realizations or viewpoints with regard to current local First Parish, Sudbury, Metrowest or world news.

Since, this is our first newly formatted Connector I felt that it is important to share a couple of insights of my own about the worship calendar this fall. The theme for this year is, “Where is the Love” based on the work of Rev. Dr. William Barber and his Moral Monday’s movement. Over the weeks since homecoming we have unpacked what love is, where we might find it and in November we will consider what we might need to risk in order to be transformed by love. For example, last Sunday we experimented during worship, which is taking a risk in itself, of sitting in silence and having the members feel inspired to speak about the many ways that we each take risks that have changed our lives in important ways. I personally believe that the worship experiment was a success as participants felt emboldened to take a risk being open with one another. I believe that to live into our lives in a more genuine/authentic way one must be willing to take risks whether those risks are in relationship with others, changing careers, or being a bit more open-hearted or open-minded. The most amazing things happen if we are willing to “put it out there” even if there is some risk involved.

This Sunday we will be considering the importance of honoring our ancestors so please bring your photos and important talismans to worship. We will build our altar to the ancestors, remembering these beloved souls who have passed. I would also ask that we wait for the appointed time during worship to place our items on the altar because this ritual is specifically about building this sacred shrine of remembrance together.

Be the love, Bring the love, Share the love and see you on Sunday!

Rev. Marjorie