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The Evolution of Our Worship Services

Hello dearestcrystal singing bowls friends.

This is a heads-up for the upcoming worship year. If you by-pass and do not read this little tidbit then you may be slightly surprised this Sunday! In working with the Worship Associates Group (WAG) and in speaking with the Pastoral Associates Group (PAG) and our Director of Religious Exploration (DRE), Chris Scheller this spring, there were suggestions and requests that will bring some slight modifications to Sunday worship. Here they are:

  • The Welcome will be offered by the minister on all Sundays that she is at First Parish. We will be recruiting for worship hosts on the Sundays that there will be a guest in our pulpit so if you are interested please be in touch with Fran Sharp our congregational administrator.
  • Story For All Ages will be offered bi-monthly and will be shared by Chris or other story tellers. If you are interested in being a story teller on some Sunday morning, please be in contact with Chris Scheller.
  • When we do not have a Story for All Ages (SFAA) we will be offering intergenerational Milestones so that we can share our concerns and joys openly in community with all of our members young and not so young.
  • Time for Reflection and Meditation will continue this year. It will be held either after the sermon or at some other time in the service that the minister deems is especially profound. Also, this may be a time where a prayer might be shared on occasion.
  • Centering Bell – this signifier is the official beginning of our service and with the support of WAG we have decided that we will be changing this opening experience. The metal bowl is being retired and we are bringing in two new crystal bowls that will have a prominent location on either side of the pulpit. One bowl will be in the key of “C” and primarily resonates with the root chakra – it helps to calm and ground us and will be played at the beginning of worship to bring us together. The second crystal bowl will be played at the end of worship and is in the key of “F” which resonates with the heart chakra. This will offer one a nice warm feeling as we move from our time of worship. It is my goal in worship to create something for the mind and spirit, and the bowls will hopefully add a new dimension for the body. Playing the crystal bowls will be the duty of the minister but others who are interested can ask for some guidance and a quick lesson on how to lovingly encourage the crystal bowls to sing.

I do realize that change is never easy at first and we: WAG, PAG, DRE, our Music Director (MDir) Debra Morris-Bennett and myself look forward to hearing your feedback. It was your feedback from last year that has inspired us to help worship evolve in these ways. One last reminder, we are part of a “living tradition” which basically means that we are ever-evolving so think of our time in community together as one big experiment that we reflect on and refine together!

Peace, Love and Light

Rev. Marjorie