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Peg Whittemore’s Memorial Service Sat. Sept. 24, 11am

Rev. Marjorie writes:

As I return from summer and we begin again I think of each and every one of you. I wonder how your summer has gone and what new adventures you have had. This year my mind turns to Peg Whittemore who died of complication from a stoke on June 10th of this year. I think of her beloved Timothy and his clear and certain loss of “his person” and I think of us, those of us who remember Peg calling for an encore on music Sunday or watching her work the Parish Hall spreading love and support in just the way that Peg was able to do. I will miss Peg as we return to First Parish this week.

Margaret Katheryn Tower Whittemore will be memorialized at First Parish on September 24th at 11:00AM. Peg was a mover and shaker in New England. In her obituary, here’s how she was described, “Her persistent curiosity was reflected in her varied hobbies. Friends knew her as an avid skier, a devoted practitioner of tai chi, and as a prison volunteer. For many, however, she was a scientific guru, a chemist who broke gender barriers that many aspiring female scientists faced in the 1940s. Ms. Whittemore was never intimidated by the hurdles and instead embraced them… While some people tried to pray away the unknown, Peg was the kind of person who would go looking for it. She was confident in what she knew, which was extensive, but she was interested in what was not yet known, and that’s how she would approach living in general and everything she did.”

Please plan on joining Timothy and the family in this important ritual of farewell.