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Co-Chair for the Harvest Fair for 2017!

HCF 1October 2017 seems a long way off, but it will come and along with that will be the 116th Annual Harvest Fair.  First Parish will need a co-chair to assist with the organizing of this event.  If you are interested, we suggest that you meet this year with the current co-chairs to learn the ropes and get acquainted with the process.  We will be meeting in mid August to do the final jurying of the applicants and make plans for the 2016 Fair.  This would be a great time to start your apprenticeship!

Reasons to participate:

  1. The Fair is a fun annual event that involves the greater community as well as the church community.
  2. The Fair provides a venue for artists to sell their creations and people to buy unique handmade items.
  3. The Fair generates over $8000.00 for the First Parish operating budget.

If you are interested,  please contact Sherri Cline or Liz Rust.