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New Terrace and Walkway

patio and morris apr 2016The Terrace and Walkway Project—Help us finish the job!

After more than 20 years of planning and fundraising, the terrace by our front entrance is now finished.  Even before it had been completed, parishioners went out on it to have Sunday morning coffee and conversation and a committee meeting.  The terrace was finished just in time to celebrate the wedding of Marissa Conover and Jon Smithers on a beautiful day in May. As they stood on the terrace after the service, people driving by honked and waved to help them celebrate. In just days the terrace had met two of its goals: bringing the congregation out to the town and providing a place for parishioners to gather.

Yet . . . the job is not complete as originally envisioned….and we are so close!  We still have to construct the walkway from the parking lot to the terrace.  This is how people will come to the main entrance or reach a celebration on the terrace. We have the stone (now stored in a carriage shed) and we have permission from the Board of Trustees to raise the funds to complete the walkway this summer.

Can you help us with a generous gift to the Landscape Special Fund?  Please make out a check to First Parish Sudbury with “Landscape Special Fund (TR)” written in the lower left hand corner.  Consider it an investment towards future events—those weddings, Morris dances, memorial gatherings, coffee-hour conversations and other celebrations that we enjoy!

Thank you from the Landscape Committee